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    1. Mini Diesel Truck Mini diesel truck is designed with three-cylinder direct injection diesel engine, resulting in easy start, low fuel consumption and reliable performance. We provide two types mini diesel trucks, CY2030MV and CY2030MDV. They are manufactured with dual-circuit hydraulic system and duo servo brake to ensure simple operation ...
    1. Small Diesel Truck Small diesel truck is a kind of small cargo van designed with water cooled engine or intercooled engine. Our small diesel trucks adopt 480 direct injection energy-saving engines resulting in high power, easy start and stable performance ...
    1. Dump Diesel Truck Dump diesel truck is designed with Euro1 4-cylinder inline water cooled engine or Euro2 4-cylinder inline supercharged intercooled engine, and is mainly composed of driving cab, chassis, cargo box, hydraulic lift mechanism and more. Dump diesel trucks always work together with engineering machinery like excavator ...
    1. Van Diesel Truck Van diesel truck is equipped with enclosed truck bed that is separated from driving cab. The cargo box of van truck has good sealing performance and keeps cargo under omniseal condition. Thus, specially designed trucks can be used to transfer flammable substances, dangerous chemicals ...

Diesel Trucks

Diesel trucks adopt diesel engines for propulsion. Diesel, as a kind of fuel, has higher thermal efficiency and is more economic than gasoline. In comparison with a gasoline engine, a diesel engine has larger torque while producing the same power and lower rotational speed while the power is the maximum. Hence, diesel trucks are particularly suitable for carrying goods and commodities.

Advantages of our diesel trucks
1. The whole truck bodies are made by high quality steel panel purchased from Baosteel and Anshan Iron and Steel, thus, they have high overall strength, smooth lines and low drag coefficient.
2. An advanced cathode electrophoretic primer coat and metal finish paint provide our vehicle bodies with superior corrosion and aging resistance, so they keep their original, new look.
3. Our diesel trucks have spacious and comfortable driving cab, and are equipped with all landscape-style front windshield glass, fashion dazzling crystal headlamps, luxury dashboard, novel interiors, and ergonomic adjustable seat.
4. Diaphragm hydraulic clutch results in easy and smooth shift action.
5. The chassis are press-formed by high quality 16Mnl steel panel, and the frame adopts riveting connection. Thus, our diesel trucks have high precision and rigidity, high torque properties. Strengthened rear axle achieves high load capacity.
6. An increased front-end length of our vehicles also provides more impact resistance for even more safety. Our diesel trucks are equipped with integral door, and front lower separator that is reinforced. Nacelle applies acoustic wool to absorb noise.
7. 5T16 or 5+1 synchromesh transmission and diaphragm clutch result in better separation, excellent transmission torque, and high gradeability. Then our diesel trucks are more suitable for running on mountain and ramp.
8. Taper leaf springs are made by high quality steel panel with good toughness. High carrying shock absorbing suspension, equipped with rubber bumper, can not only match the carrying capacity with dynamic of our trucks perfectly, but also takes into account the safety of carrying under ultimate load conditions.

Our company is professional China-based diesel truck manufacturer. We are located in China, where we have easy access to convenient land, air and sea transportation. As a result, our raw material acquisition cost and your shipping fees can be greatly reduced.
Apart from diesel trucks, we mainly produce petrol trucks, double light trucks, single cab trucks, 3 cylinder engines and 4 cylinder engines, and so on.
For ordering and inquiries, please contact us. We look forward to working with you.

Company Brief : A mini small light truck is also called a light cargo vehicle. It falls into different categories, including light dump trucks, light tractor trucks, cross-country trucks, and a variety of other specialized vehicles, such as fire trucks, ambulances, oil tank trucks, and tow trucks.